At the End of the Santa Fe Trail Poster
at the end of the santa fe trail

At the End of the Santa Fe Trail (2017)

1h | Drama | TV Movie

At the End of the Santa Fe Trail PosterThe true story of Sister Blandina Segale, a young and innocent nun sent by the Catholic Church to the western territories in 1872. At a time when lawlessness and brutality were in the norm; surrounded by cowboys, Native Americans, outlaws, and new immigrants from all over the world. Sister Blandina displays courage, tough-mindedness, and a deep religious faith in service to the less fortunate.

Director: Tomas Sanchez
Writer: Robert M. Young
Stars: Sarah Minnich, Alma Sisneros, Jerry Hardin

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Directed by

Tomas Sanchez

Writing Credits

Robert M. Young


Sarah Minnich Sarah Minnich/a>
Missionary Daughter
Alma Sisneros Alma Sisneros
Sister Blandina
Jerry Hardin Jerry Hardin
Mark Twain
David Midthunder David Midthunder
John Trejo John Trejo
Luce Rains Luce Rains
Mr. Simpson
Steven Schub Steven Schub
J.D. Garfield J.D. Garfield
Rev. Munnecom
Eric Steinig Eric Steinig
Dr. Besheor
Marie Wagenman Marie Wagenman
Crying Girl
Stephanie Marie Delgado Stephanie Marie Delgado
Saloon Gal
Walter Anaruk Walter Anaruk
Clint Obenchain Clint Obenchain
Morris James
Mike A. Salazar Mike A. Salazar
Little boy on the train
Ava Wagenman Ava Wagenman
Eve James
Monika Crowfoot Monika Crowfoot
White Bird
Kirsten Kollender Kirsten Kollender
Crazy Ann
Katara Dodson-Sands Katara Dodson-Sands
Scared Orphan Girl
Walker Dodson-Sands Walker Dodson-Sands
Billy the Newspaper Boy
at the end of the santa fe trail
at the end of the santa fe trail